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FreshAiR: An Augmented Reality App + Editor

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The FreshAiR App

With FreshAiR, your Android or iPhone becomes a lens to the hidden world around you, revealing stories and Realities created by others. Select a Reality, and walk around in the real world to experience your surroundings in an amazing new way.

Whether it is a tour of a beautiful university campus, historical landmarks coming to life, a fast-paced new game, or an educational lesson, FreshAiR is your augmented reality portal to hidden worlds.

Download FreshAiR and experience the future of augmented reality.

FreshAiR App

The FreshAiR Editor

Want to create your own Reality? The FreshAiR Editor is a powerful web application and authoring tool that allows anyone to easily and quickly create their own custom Realities without writing a single line of code.

Build a game, university tour, city guide, or anything you can imagine, and share it with the world within minutes.

Get started with the FreshAiR Editor right now!

FreshAiR Editor Screenshot

Augmented Reality at your Fingertips

Experiencing augmented reality and making your own Realities has never been easier. Interested in what sort of experiences others are using FreshAiR for?

Check out how you can use FreshAiR.

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